Mu Sochua: “There are millions of Sam Rainsys, I am Sam Rainsy“

29. September 2010

Die Oppositionspolitikerin Mu Sochua grüßt ihre Anhänger. (Foto:

In einem bemerkenswerten Interview mit dem Southeast Asia Globe hat Mu Sochua über ihre persönlichen Empfindungen, ihren Parteichef Sam Rainsy und die politischen Ziele der SRP berichtet. Auf die Frage, ob sie aufgrund ihres politischen Engagements Angst um ihr Leben habe, antwortete sie:

“Even today, every day … I get inside the car and say: ‘This is my last moment.’ But it is personal and I try to push it out because then you live in fear and it’s the fear that haunts you, it’s the fear that paralyses you, it’s the fear that ends your fight for justice. And it gets to the point where I say: ‘Let it be.’ I don’t know how my life is going to end but life has to end. If it has to end this way it’s an end for the people, for justice, for a cause. I think it … helps me not to live in fear.”

Gefragt, warum sie sich der Bedrohung derzeit aussetze und Sam Rainsy ins Exil geflohen sei, legte Mu Sochua dar, dass er auf Drängen der führenden Parteimitglieder Kambodscha verlassen habe:

“Mr Sam Rainsy for his situation, in fact, he has always wanted to stay. If he could come back he would but it’s the party that says don’t come back because look at Chea Vichea (a deceased trade unionist), they killed Chea Vichea – the workers’ movement is in trouble now. If they want to finish a movement, if they want to finish a voice they can do it because there is a culture of impunity here – people live in fear. Businesses are not protected, the court system is so totally corrupt … and to risk Sam Rainsy’s life for us, as a party. Look at 1997 (when Sam Rainsy was the subject of a grenade attack), they wanted to kill him, definitely they wanted to kill him, definitely. (…) So there are definite signs that if they could finish it with him, they would, so that is not something that we can condemn him for, for not being here, so we take responsibility as a party. I have heard him say many times, putting it to the table when we discuss it, he says: ‘I’m here, I’m staying.’ And we say ‘no, you go out.’”

Sam Rainsy sei auch keine Person mehr, eher ein Prinzip, das über die reine Vorbildfunktion hinausgehe. Darin wolle man die Menschen in Kambodscha stärken: “There are millions of Sam Rainsys, I am Sam Rainsy.“ Die Partei werde weiter für Gerechtigkeit im Land kämpfen, der Kerzenschein als Parteisymbol symbolisiere dieses Ziel. Sie zeichnete auch ein klares Bild der politischen Vorstellungen, die die SRP für das Land habe:

“What do the people want? We have made it very clear on economic policy, for example. We are not pro mega development … we are not in favour of mass land concessions, we are not in favour of the system of monopoly, we’re in favour of foreign investment in partnership with local entrepreneurs – it has to go hand in hand. We are not in favour, for sure, of deforestation, we are very concerned about the new wealth, the national wealth of Cambodia which is in our soil.”

Mu Sochua sparte auch nicht mit Kritik am Ausland:

“We are in favour of very transparent … payments that are made by foreign investors … to be known by the people. We’re in favour of clean development, pro-people. With agriculture for example we totally reject the idea of selling and leasing our land to the Middle East, to South Korea, to China, to Vietnam – it is like giving part of Cambodia to whoever has the money. You talk of corruption – you have Australia, you have France, you have the USA with their investors coming in knowing that they pay under the table. What do these countries say? Will they promote our side, the side of the opposition? They won’t even talk to us, some of their officials can’t even be seen with us. When they have high delegations visiting Cambodia, we are not even part of the official program – we’re given half an hour and a lot of times we have to even demand a meeting.”

Ein Hinweis, den wir sicherlich auch in Deutschland und ganz Europa ernst nehmen sollten.

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